Our Company – Who We Are
Nurtured by ancient values and culture, feeling the richness of a great environment culturally and naturally, a Greek adventure began in 1986. An adventure that inspires people to want to live Greek, feel Greek and take Greece with them.
Our vision
Our goal is to lead our target market and our audience. We want to become the “one and only” selection of souvenirs inspired by Greek tradition and history. The company’s brands offer products with special features and create a unique experience throughout the process of purchasing and using them.
Our vision is to become the exceptional quality product brand with elements that differ in each sector, offering the ultimate shopping experience to the consumer at every level.
We are a group of Greeks who work for you. We love Greece, we respect its culture and history and we make an effort to preserve basic elements of Greek Art and to be inspired by them. We create products mainly based on the fabric and we draw only Greek themes.
Our Values
We are absolutely committed to our values:

  • Quality of products and services
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Integrity and ethics in our work
  • Sensitivity to the environment
  • New ideas and inspirations
  • Differentiation in our offered value
  • Dissemination of the Greek spirit and art through our products
Sustainability & amp; environment
We meet the needs of our customers with the need of the whole society for sustainable solutions:

  • Products with ecological profile
  • Using the Oecotex Standard
  • Ecological processing of products in factories
  • Recyclable packaging